At the Investment Summit last year, Fig’s Alex Amsel painted a grim picture of the near future for companies working with blockchain and digital currencies.

“There are an awful, awful lot [of blockchain startups], and most of them are going to fail,” he said, noting that he had seen “the booms, the busts, the thefts, the arguments” since he started immersing himself in blockchain in 2012.

“If anyone remembers the dot-com boom and bust, this will be very, very similar.”

While it’s too early to say with any certainty, Planet Digital Partners may well join that group. Founded in 2018, it is a self-described “collective of video game management, development studios, distribution and marketing executives that develops, manufactures, and markets video games.” It also has the kind of experience and pedigree backing it that makes Fig and Robot Cache seem like the safest bets in what remains a chaotic new space for the games business.

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