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Planet Digital Partners brings blockchain to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Mobile games

Planet represents an all-star team of video game industry leaders including the former President of PlayStation Europe, the founder of Take 2/Rockstar Games, the CEO of Guitar Hero, developers of Halo, NBA Playgrounds, Friday the 13th, Quake and World War Z. Several big game brands are included in the Private Placement Offering [...]

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Up and Close with Steve Grossman, CEO of Planet Digital Partners

Planet Digital Partners (PDP) represents an all-star team of video game industry leaders including the former PlayStation Europe President, the founder of Taking 2/Grand Theft Auto, and hit-maker studios like Saber Interactive – the developer of Halo, Quake, and NBA Playgrounds. With incredible brands including Bass Pro, Cabela’s, and Cooking Mama, PDP is positioned to develop a portfolio of [...]

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Video Game Publisher Planet Digital Partners Putting “Cooking Mama” on the Blockchain

CINCINNATI (February 13, 2019) -- Blockchain-powered video game publisher Planet Digital Partners today announced the details around its first portfolio game “Cooking Mama: Coming Home to Mama.” for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, a reboot of the top-selling family-friendly cooking game franchise Cooking Mama.  The game will be available Fall 2019 and will be the [...]

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Planet Digital Partners Brings Gaming Industry Heavyweights Together

“We think blockchain could be more compelling within the video game space by adding more creativity, more interactivity,” says Kelly Sumner, board advisor to the “all-star” Planet Digital Partners. The new project is promising three new games by Christmas 2019 — and it may have the experience to deliver on that promise. Sumner tells us [...]

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TZero Hopes for Liftoff

Ethereum developers are regrouping this week after researchers discovered a security flaw in the code of a planned upgrade. The long-awaited fork, known as “Constantinople,” will now take place in late February. While the discovery of the vulnerability raised alarms, it highlights the role of a new type of business that cropped up with the [...]

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Industry Veterans Launch Blockchain Game Developer for Xbox, PS4 and Switch

A group of video game industry veterans has formed Planet Digital Partners, a new game developer that plans on bringing blockchain-based game titles to major consoles, including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile. According to the announcement, the new company features the former PlayStation Europe President, the former CEO of Take-Two (TTWO) [...]

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Former Take-Two CEO’s New Blockchain Game Publisher Wants the Next ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Former Take-Two CEO Kelly Sumner is looking for the next big game. But rather than investing hundreds of millions, his blockchain-based video game publisher Planet Digital Partners is targeting mid-level games often ignored by big publishers. "Electronic Arts, Take-Two, Activision ($ATVI), etc., they are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a game, expecting to [...]

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Opportunity To Tap Into The $135 Billion Gaming Industry Unveils With New Token

Opportunity to invest in the massive gaming industry unveils with the launch of a new token. The token is launched by a group of former video game executive as announced on Thursday via a release on the planet digital website. An Avenue To Tap Into The Growing Game Industry The video game industry is considered [...]

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Rockstar/Take 2 and Guitar Hero executives form Blockchain-game publishing company

Much like the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets as a whole, institutional interest and support are out there. Examples of this now officially include senior executives from major companies such as Rockstar/Take 2 and Guitar Hero. Executives that have since come together to announce the development of their new Blockchain video game publishing company – Planet [...]

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